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Birth Expressions

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The Doulas of Birth Expressions


Heidi Chaudoir RN, CD (DONA) CBE

Heidi is not only a certified doula through

DONA International, she is a Registered Nurse,

Certified Breastfeeding Educator, Childbirth

Educator, and the proud mother of four!

Heidi has been practicing as a doula

since December of 2000. 


The best way to contact Heidi is by emailing her at:


Renee Cole-Mordell CD(DONA)

Renee is the mother of 2 children and resides with her husband in Greenville, WI. Renee and her husband had the nurturing support of a Doula for both births. She has been helping moms give birth since January of 2001 and has been a certified doula through DONA International since July of 2002.


To contact Renee Cole-Mordell:

Home 920-757-1204

Cell: 920-209-0173

Professional Labor Support for The Growing Family