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Birth Expressions

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Birth Doula Fee Structure

Birth Expressions breaks down the fees because the prenatal and postpartum visits are an investment on both of our parts for a positive birth experience, and we would like you to know exactly what you are paying for. 


The “on call” fee is $200.00

It covers two prenatal visits, one postpartum visit, and two hours of phone counseling. Each visit usually lasts about 1 1/2 hours.  Birth plan counseling, library loans, and developing comfort measure skills are included in the fee.


The Birth fee is $300.00

  • It covers 15 hours or less of services during your labor and delivery and 2 hours after the birth of your baby.   
  • After 15 hours we may need to call a back up doula, usually another Birth Expressions certified DONA doula, for a few hours in which we will have to pay out of our fee.  The charge is $15.00 an hour to cover these extra costs. 



  • The $200.00 “on call” fee is due at the signing of the contract, usually at the first prenatal visit.  The remainder of the fee is due by 36 weeks.
  • If there is a concern about payment, we can set up a payment plan as well.

The total base fee is $500.00. 

Professional Labor Support for The Growing Family